FAQ: Dashboard (3)

Why is there no data in my Comparison Tile?

This means your competitor set has not be created.   For Gold & Silver users, send an email to service@trustyou.com with the changes you would like to make. We encourage you to include the full name of the hotel, the hotel website or any other information to distinguish the hotel from other hotels with a similar name. You are allowed up to 10 competitors. For enterprise users, you can edit your competitor set yourself. Please see the comparison section of the user manual for more details. You can also contact us at service@trustyou.com if you are having trouble setting it up.

Why can I see no reviews to respond to in the “Reviews to Respond” section of the Reviews Tile, but the Responses tile shows me I have reviews missing responses?

In this case, the review may have been marked as responded or the respond button was clicked but no response was written. Go to the reviews inbox and filter for “Responded” reviews. What you may see is a tick mark representing reviews that a response has been written for and posted on TrustYou and a curved arrow represented a review marked as responded, but the response has not been posted on TrustYou. Once you find the reviews with a curved arrow, determine if you have already responded to the review. If you have, please be patient as it will be pulled into our system 8-32 hours after it has been approved and published by the corresponding review portal. If you have not responded to the review yet, click on it and “mark not responded” or respond to it right away.

Why is my dashboard showing data about a different hotel?

If you are a single property user, click on the “Back to default” button located next to your hotel name at the top. You may have clicked on one of your competitor hotels within the comparison tab which has allowed you to view data about them. If you are managing multiple properties on TrustYou, click on the “Change” button, which will allow you to select another hotel within your portfolio.