Best practices: Survey (7)

Using surveys for market research

One of the ways we humans are particularly smart is in our ability to use the same tool for multiple purposes. Really, isn’t this why we’re overrun with life hack articles about how to repurpose things like old toothbrushes and... read more »

Using reviews to optimize your website

How can you optimize your website with reviews and user generated content? This guide discusses why reviews and user-generated content are important, benefits of using reviews, optimizing review placement on your website, and provides some examples of businesses using reviews... read more »

Setting up your surveys for success

Reputation Surveys (GSS) allow you to gain valuable insight and market intelligence in order to improve services and stay ahead of the competition. Better yet, Reputation Survey responses can be distributed as reviews to your sales platforms. And more reviews... read more »

Managers responding like rock stars

Responding to reviews should be a breeze now, after getting through the simplest guide to responding to negative reviews ever. If you are still having some trouble why not get some inspiration from some of the best? Here are five examples... read more »

A hoteliers guide to more reviews

More Reviews = More Revenue We’ve been talking about the importance of reviews for years. With more than 80% of travelers reading reviews prior to making a booking decision, hotels must pay attention to guest opinions to stay ahead of... read more »

A hotelier’s guide to responding to reviews

We recently gave plenty of reasons why collecting more reviews is important. In a nutshell, more reviews equates to more revenue. Now, let’s take things one-step further; after receiving reviews, how should hoteliers react? Responding allows hoteliers to leverage its... read more »