FAQ: Social (3)

My Facebook account has been connected to TrustYou but I still do not see any information, how can I fix this?

If you cannot see any data from your Facebook account, it means that your Facebook page has not been made public. We cannot pull data from a page that is private and not available to those who are not signed into Facebook.

I manage multiple properties and want to add the umbrella social media accounts for my hotel group, how can I do this?

To add brands to your monitoring click Add Brand and input the brand name and social media accounts into the fields provided.

My social accounts are wrong, how can I change them?

To add or change social media accounts, click the gear next to your hotel’s name in the top panel on the Social Tab. Hovering over the ? provides examples on how to connect your accounts. Click Save to save your changes. Should you encounter any challenges during the setup process, please contact us at service@trustyou.com and we will be pleased to assist you.