Best practices: General (4)

Localism in hospitality

In our “hyper-connected” world, travelers are searching for a personal connection with their holiday destination. Some hotels have answered travelers´demand by providing local food and experiences.

Travel search and booking across screens

Consumers use many screens when planning and booking travel. While PCs still provide the highest amount of travel web traffic, mobile usage is on the rise, especially for last minute bookings. Take a look at the recent stats.

5 Quick tips for developing your brand voice

There’s one topic that brings much anxiety to most hoteliers. I’ll give you a hint: it starts with an “S” and ends with “ocial media.” It doesn’t need to be a stressor. In fact, when used properly, social media can... read more »

A hotelier’s guide to responding to reviews

We recently gave plenty of reasons why collecting more reviews is important. In a nutshell, more reviews equates to more revenue. Now, let’s take things one-step further; after receiving reviews, how should hoteliers react? Responding allows hoteliers to leverage its... read more »