FAQ: Review (2)

My response rate is not at a 100% for a particular time frame, however, there are no new reviews to respond to when I use the “unresponded” filter in reviews inbox.

This occurs when a review has been marked as responded, but a response was not written or published yet. If a response was recently written, please be patient. If the response was written a long time ago, then click on the review status “responded” and filter for the time frame the response is missing for. Once you see a review with a curved arrow instead of a tick mark, this should indicate to you the review which has not been responded to. When you have found the review, you should be able to figure out if the response was not published by the review portal or if it is just not being pulled into TrustYou.

I have responded to several reviews but I do not see the response in TrustYou and my response rate has not been updated.

Even though we mark the review responded in TrustYou when you click the respond button, the content may not appear for a few days. Each review site has a moderation process before a review/response is published, and we're not able to import the content until after a review/response is published. It takes between 8 and 32 hours for new content on a review site (including responses) to be imported into TrustYou, so it's normal to not see your responses immediately after posting.