Uploaded unique stay details

Number of uploaded guest data, not taking into account the duplicates.

Bounced Emails

Number of emails that could not be delivered.

Mailing Conversion Rate

Number of reviews / number of sent emails (only from guest data upload).

Opened Questionnaire Conversion Rate

Number of reviews / number of questionnaires opened (only from guest data upload).

Response Rate

Response count / reviews count (again, this is based on review dates).

Response Count

Number of responses given in a timeframe (the review date is taken into account, not the response date).

Reviews Count

Number of reviews generated based on guest data upload.

Sent Emails

Number of emails sent to guests through TrustYou´s mailing system.

Suspended Emails

Number of email addresses suspended due to multiple uploads within a predetermined period of time.

Net Promoter Score (NPS)

The Net Promoter Score is a measure of customer loyalty and is based on a single question: How likely is it that you’ll recommend your property to a friend or colleague. The response options range from 0 (Not at all likely) to 10 (Extremely likely). Responses are then grouped into the segments of promoters, passives and detractors. Subtracting the proportion of detractors from the proportion of promoters and converting it to a percentage gets you the Net Promoter Score.

Overall score (performance)

Score given by every guest who completes a survey.

Overall score (top scores)

The Top Scores value is calculated based on guests that gave your property a score of 9 or 10 for the corresponding question. It shows the percentage of guests that gave you any of the aforementioned scores when answering the question. Using 9 as the threshold, here is the formula used in the calculation of Top Scores: (amount of scores above or equal to threshold * 100 / amount of all scores) [%].

Questionnaires Opened

Unique number of guests (based on uploaded guest data) that opened the survey.

Reviews / Clicks

Submitted reviews compared to the number of opened links [%].

Reviews Count

Number of reviews received by a property for the specificed timeframe.

Uploaded stay details

Number of uploaded guest email addresses.


Benchmark time frame

Comparison of the selected value with the previous period, same period 1 year before or same period 2 years before.


The Comp Index is calculated by dividing your properties data by the data of your competitors. If your Comp Index is >1 you are performing better than your competitors. If your Comp Index is <1 you are performing worse.

Facebook Checkins

Number of users that checked into your property on Facebook.

Facebook Likes

Number of “Likes” your paged received on Facebook.

Foursquare Tips

Number of tips users left for your property on Foursquare for the selected timeframe.

Foursquare Checkins

Number of users that checked into your property on Foursquare.

Login Tracking

List of the tracked logins of users you follow on TrustYou Analytics.

Reviews per Property

Reviews per property is the average number of reviews received by a property for the specified timeframe.

Recommendation Rate

Recommendation rate as given by a guest to your property on the portal where this data point is available.

Sentiment Performance

Sentiment performance is a score based on categories within your property i.e service, ambiance, e.t.c. It is calculated using the relationship between the number of positive, neutral and negative sentiments for a particular category.

Star Distribution

Most reviews sites use a 1-5 star scale for overall review ratings. Positive reviews are the ones having 4 or higher.

Trend (Timeframe)

Analysis comparing the score at the beginning of the selected timeframe to the score at the end of the time frame.

Trend (Benchmark)

Analysis comparing the score of the selected period to the score of the previous period.

Twitter Followers

Number of followers you have on Twitter.

Twitter Following

Number of users your property is following on Twitter.

Twitter Tweets

Number of Tweets you have made on your Twitter account.

Overall Score

Your Overall Score uses TrustYou’s special algorithm to score your property. The scores given when a guest submits a review for your property are used for the calculation. The most recent reviews are given more weight than older reviews to calculate this score. The past 24 months of review data are used when calculating the Overall Score.


This score is an average of your property’s ratings over the time period you’ve selected. The scores of all the reviews within the selected period of time are put together and an average is taken.


Your popularity is calculated based on rankings such as #12 out of 233 found on various websites. The popularity ranking is displayed as percentage which makes it easy to compare the ranking of hotels from different cities. A ranking of 80% means that only 20% of hotels in the same city are ranked better.

Response Rate

Response Rate is the % of reviews that have received management responses. [Reviews with responses / total amount of reviews on websites that allow public responses].


Number of reviews responded to on TrustYou analytics for the selected timeframe.


Number of reviews found across the reviews sites for that particular property(group) for the specified timeframe.